Ibtissem a bellydancer

Ibtissem a belly dancer

A high level of training

Ibtissem learned belly dance through many years of hard work with some of the greatest teachers in Toulouse area in France. Teachers like Nadia Touhami, Caroline Achouri, Djamila Hanann and Jasmine.

She completed and deepened that knowledge enlarging her circle of mastering with teachers and Masters of international class and renown but also with strong local bellydancer figures in Maghreb and Middle-East diving deeply into their own cultural roots.

After a long period living and professional experiment in the mystical city of Istanbul in Turkey, at the eclectic cross road between East and West, she decided to settle back in Toulouse, near her family and friends.

In a permanent process of learning and training she keeps on enforcing her technical skills, her teaching methodology and creativity to always go beyond by working with bellydance great Ladies like Kamellia, Assia Guemra and Nesma Al Andalus.

Belly dance with Ibtissem

Belly dance, a passion!

With a strong an real concern on bellydance development, evolution and appreciation by the public as a complete scenic art, Ibtissem is also an involved member of UNESCO International Dance Council.

She is now, after a long period of training accomplishment, developing and experimenting her own style and universe, through deep sweetness and musicality, interpreting the most classical and mythical Egyptian, Lebanese and Syrian pieces.

She created and directed in 2013 the “Layali Zaman” show, meaning “A MiddleEastern Night’s Dream” with a classical oriental symphonic orchestra made of eight talented and virtuosi musicians all renowned and acknowledge in the music community.

Belly dancing class with Ibtissem

An outstanding teacher

Patient and precise Ibtissem guide her pupils with gentleness and trust, in order to empower them. Her teaching focuses on understanding the different rhythms and musical modes to obtain an expressive dance. Using body percussion, musical and cultural context analysis, learning dance technique is so natural and students quickly become conductors of their bodies.

Ibtissem students say they enjoy her generous teaching discovering eastern culture, folklores and musicalities from the classroom to the stage.