The art of belly dance

by Ibtissem

Oriental dance, a path to arabic culture


With a strong an real concern on bellydance development, evolution and appreciation by the public as a complete scenic art, Ibtissem is also an involved member of UNESCO International Dance Council.

She is now, after a long period of training accomplishment, developing and experimenting her own style and universe, through deep sweetness and musicality, interpreting the most classical and mythical Egyptian, Lebanese and Syrian pieces.

As a great music lover, she has been learning rhythms for many years and the classical and popular repertoire. She collaborates with many musicians from the Middle East and Morocco. She created and directed in 2013 the “Layali Zaman” show, meaning “A MiddleEastern Night’s Dream” with a classical oriental symphonic orchestra made of eight talented and virtuosi musicians all renowned and acknowledge in the music community.

Each year, dozens of students join her oriental dance school in Toulouse and Fronton. Beyond a dance technique, they discover with enthusiasm the culture of the Middle East and rhythms and music necessary for the formation of an oriental dancer. With shows “Ya salam!” And “Eini ya eini”, she invites her students to discover the stage accompanied by professional musicians. The oriental dance and the music are thus connected !!!

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Oriental dance, a strong passion!

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