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Venez comme vous êtes

You might be pushing the door of a belly dancing class for several reasons. Because people say it’s good for your body and mind, because you crave for some oriental perfume, taste and culture or maybe because you just may want to find out what your roots and you have in common…

Beyond technics, Ibtissem will be there to make sure you get to evolve and develop your inner self, to blossom from button to flower, from caterpillar to butterfly, at your own rythm.

As a solist or in a group, you will have the opportunity to experiment stage emotions if you feel to as Ibtissem proposes to her students public and private performances all along the year within galas, oriental nights, dance promotion events, charities and many other.


In the table below, you will find all the Bellydance classes in Toulouse, Fronton and Montech, as well as their schedules and detailed prices.

A class based on your level

Near you

From beginner to advanced level, find a course that suits you! In Toulouse near the metro (hyper-center, Saint-Cyprien), in the northern suburbs in Fronton, and even close to Montauban in Montech. Come and express yourself freely!!!


  • 18h-19h15 ♦ beginner & intermediate ♦ Toulouse Saint-Cyprien ♦ MJC Roguet
    240€ year & 20€ fee

  • 20h30-22h♦ beginner ♦ Toulouse Jeanne d’Arc ♦ Taksim Oriental
    280€ year & 17€ fee


  • 19h30-21h♦ advanced ♦ Toulouse Jeanne d’Arc ♦ Taksim Oriental
    310€ year & 17€ fee


20h30-22h ♦ beginner ♦ Toulouse Saint-Cyprien ♦ MJC Roguet

260€ year & 20€ fee


  • 14h30-16h ♦ all level ♦ Toulouse Jeanne d’Arc ♦ Taksim Oriental
    280€ year & 17€ fee
  • 18h45-20h ♦ all level ♦ Montech ♦ Vilavie
    280€ year , fee included
  • 20h30-22h ♦ all level ♦ Fronton ♦ Fronton Expression Danse
    210€ year & 10€ fee


  • 11h-13h ♦ atelier chorégraphique ♦ Toulouse ♦ Taksim Oriental
    250€ year , 17€ fee

For more information please contact me by phone on or by e-mail at

How to Dress for Belly Dance Class ?

You need to wear something that lets your teacher see how your body is moving, so she can correct your form. Try some yoga pants or leggings topped with a t-shirt that isn’t too baggy. Bare feet, dance shoes such as jazz shoes, ballet slippers, foot undies, or socks are all acceptable foot attire. Hip scarves are encouraged but not required.