Belly dance videos

Belly dance videos with Ibtissem as a soloist

Here you will find some belly dance videos representative of Ibtissem’s work. You can also subscribe to its Youtube channel to be informed of the latest videos posted online by clicking here.

Here Ibtissem is dancing on egyptian baladi improvisation with the Baladi Blues Ensemble Orchestra.

A creation of Ibtissem with the veil in 2016 on the introduction of Andah Alik composed by Mohamed Abdelwahab.
Entry on stage with a magnificent Lebanese composition, Joumana. Veil, floorwork and cane !
Tarab improvisation, the soul of egyptian music, with the Brahim Dhour orchestra.

Belly dance videos with Ibtissem dance school

Extracts from the last Ibtissem students show, Ya Salam! in 2017.
Kids are also dancing, and they’re still amazing !!!